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Liebster Award

HEY EVERYONE! I haven't blogged in a hot minute, as I've been super focused on my YouTube channel. But when I got nominated for the Liebster Award blog post - I had to get back into it! Wondering what the heck the Liebster Award is? In short, it's an internet only blogging award that helps bloggers to recognize other bloggers and strengthen the community! Interested in learning more about it? Check out the Liebster Award Description and Origin blog post!

HUGE shout out to Lena (Our Chaotic Mess) for nominating me to do this blog post! This southern belle's blog covers 'mom life, wife life, home school life, and college life.' Talk about a well rounded blog!!! She also CRUSHED blogmas this year while busy as a momma to 3 little gals. Lena's done the Liebster Award twice and it's been so fun to watch/read along with her journey :) Here's the link to her second award where she nominated me! You can also follow her on Instagram or Facebook. (P.S. I highl…

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