Ipsy Bag | October 2018

--- October 2018 ---

Hey ya'll! I haven't done an Ipsy blog in a little bit, so I thought it would be fun to do another. I love reading or watching unboxing videos and I also thought it would be helpful to look back at these blogs in the future to see what I've gotten from Ipsy! I also decided it'd be fun to step up my picture taking and take some cute fall-ish pictures with the products! Enjoy😚

I honestly LOVED this months Ipsy bag and couldn't be happier with the products. I have been debating unsubscribing ONLY for the reason of saving money. However, after loving this months bag, I can't bring myself to do that! Let's start with the bag itself: 

First things first, the color of this bag is AMAZING! It definitely had a strong scent to it when I first pulled it out of the package (weird, I know) but that's gone away after sitting out for a few days. The red is perfect for Fall and I think it'd even be great to use in Winter for Christmas time! The masquerade mask on it is so subtle and gorgeous that it's not tacky in my opinion. 

This is the product that I was MOST excited to receive - Tarte Shape Tape concealer! If you are a makeup guru, or even not, you've probably heard of this product. Beauty bloggers and YouTubers raaaave about this. I've always been hesitant to buy it because it's a bit more on the expensive side and I'm a drugstore makeup kind of gal. If you're not sold yet: This concealer is 100% cruelty free, has skin-nourishing ingredients in it (licorice root extract, shea butter and mango seed butter), matte-finished, and covers up your dark under eye circles. What's not to love?! SUPER excited to have gotten this! Mine came in 'light sand.' 

I've gotten several nail polishes from the brand Pretty Woman and have loved them ALL! This one in 'Don't Be Jelly' is the perfect nail color for fall and you better believe I put it on my nails as soon as I got it! The color is a raspberry plum and is stunning. I love this brand because it's vegan/cruelty-free and lasts way longer than any other brands I have (even Essie!). It also dries faster than other polishes, which comes in handy! If you haven't checked out this brand, I would totally recommend!

The next product I pulled out of this months bag was Oribe dry texturizing spray - another option for day old hair besides dry shampoo! I'm pretty sure I have the dry shampoo from this brand, so I'm excited to continue trying this out and see if I like it. This is supposed to soak up oil, add some volume, soften and shine to your hair! My favorite part about this is that it doesn't leave a white layer on your hair like some sprays do! Originally, I never wanted hair products in my bags but I've had a lot of fun trying the different products I've gotten. What's your go-to dry shampoo? How often do you wash/shampoo your hair?

This eye shadow is from the brand Nomad Cosmetics in the shade NO3, a plum shade with shimmer in it. As with many of the other products in this bag, it's vegan and cruelty-free! I'm so glad so many brands are making sure this is a priority. If I'm being honest, I haven't used/reached for this one yet. The color intimidates me a little bit! If you have a post or a video on a look with purples - send it my way girlfriend! The website says this eyeshadow is highly-pigmented, extra smooth and buttery, and doesn't crease. Those all sound great - so now I just need to brave up and give it a whirl! 

The last product I pulled out of my bag was this eyeshadow brush from the brand Slmissglam, which I've never heard of. It's super cute, purple and sparkly (hmm, maybe it's a sign I should use it with my new purple eyeshadow...)! I have quite a few brushes from ipsy that are ADORABLE and make my little brush holder look so cute, but I need to start using more or let my friends have some haha. Nonetheless, excited to try this one out!

Thanks for reading along! Let me know if you'd like to see more Ipsy/makeup related blogs and I'll work on stepping my game up because I know I've been slacking. Have a great October - my favorite month of the year! 💛



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