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--- August 2018 ---

If you've never heard of TED Talks, I'm SO happy that you've stumbled across my blog post. If you have heard of them, hopefully you'll find one that speaks to you that you've never watched/heard of! TED, according to their website, is a "nonprofit devoted to spreading ideas, usually in the form of short, powerful talks." I can't pick a 'favorite' TED Talk because it really depends on what you're interested in, where you're at in life, and so much more. But I can recommend a few that have personally caught my interest! (If you like this post, let me know and I can do another with more talks!)

Below you will find a few TED Talks that I think you should watch: 

1. Why Some of Us Don't Have One True Calling

Do you ever feel lost in regards to career choice or path? Is it hard for you to pick one career when you're passionate about so many things? Watch this TED talk! I have watched this video over and over again and find myself relating to it more and more every time. Growing up, most of my friends had a clear cut career path, especially in college. They knew what to major in to get a specific job. Me? I knew I wanted to help people, but in so many different ways. I'm not going to say much more than that, just trust me and watch this video if you can relate! (Welcome to the 'multipotentialites' fam).

2. 10 Ways To Have A Better Conversation

Are you struggling to stay invested in a conversation? Zoning out and thinking of other things you could be doing? Getting someone to actually listen to you? This is the TED Talk for you to watch! The 10 tips start around timestamp 4:16. One point that she made that really stuck out to me was that people listen to respond, not listen to understand. I know, for me at least, this can get EXTREMELY frustrating when you're trying to have a conversation with someone. I challenge you to use these 10 ways to have a better conversation or like she says in the video, pick one way and really become an expert at it. 
Do you ever feel like you're so busy taking care of other people and things that you forget to take care of yourself? Have you ever felt shame for admitting your mental health is struggling? This video touches on confronting these feelings. You are NOT alone; watch this talk! The speaker shares his story of admitting he was struggling with his mental health and emphasizes the importance of placing as much focus on mental health as physical health. A quote that stood out to me in this talk was,"Being honest about how we feel doesn't make us weak - it makes us human."

4. The Best Way to Help is Often Just to Listen

Do you have a friend who is experiencing loneliness? Loneliness has a strong negative impact on your health; both mental and physical. Have you ever not known what advice to give someone who is struggling? Maybe that's not the answer. Maybe the answer is simply listening. The video on 10 ways to have a better conversation touches on the importance of listening, but this TED Talk really demonstrates the impact it may have. Do yourself and your family/friends a favor by watching this one and focusing on listening, rather than advice giving.

5. Try Something New For 30 Days

Is there something you've always wanted to do or try? Have you been stuck in a rut lately? Need some inspiration or motivation? Watch this short TED Talk about trying something new for 30 days. I sometimes get really motivated for a week, but then give it up. I need to push myself to try whatever it may be for a month and this talk gave me that final push! What have YOU always wanted to do?


Let me know if you watch any of these talks and they resonate with you! Or if you have a specific interest and want a TED Talk related to that, I'll search and send ya one!

What TED Talk is YOUR favorite? Share the link below!

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  1. Beyond Closure by Nancy Berns is an amazing talk about grief


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