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Ipsy Bag | October 2018

--- October 2018 ---
Hey ya'll! I haven't done an Ipsy blog in a little bit, so I thought it would be fun to do another. I love reading or watching unboxing videos and I also thought it would be helpful to look back at these blogs in the future to see what I've gotten from Ipsy! I also decided it'd be fun to step up my picture taking and take some cute fall-ish pictures with the products! Enjoy😚

I honestly LOVED this months Ipsy bag and couldn't be happier with the products. I have been debating unsubscribing ONLY for the reason of saving money. However, after loving this months bag, I can't bring myself to do that! Let's start with the bag itself: 

First things first, the color of this bag is AMAZING! It definitely had a strong scent to it when I first pulled it out of the package (weird, I know) but that's gone away after sitting out for a few days. The red is perfect for Fall and I think it'd even be great to use in Winter for Christmas time! The m…

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